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Midsummer Madness

About the Play

Written by Danielle Phillips

Directed by Danielle Phillips & Hannah Cafarella


To the fairy king Oberon, greatness is a fat paycheck, a booming love life, and a throne to retire to at the end of the day. To his half human daughter Iris, greatness is good friends, and a life spent on stage. As their hopes clash, Oberon catches wind of Iris's crush, an overthinking playwright at the center of her amateur theatre company. In a desperate attempt to "help" his daughter, Oberon orders some love potion to be sent in the direction of her crush, resulting in Iris's entire theater circle to find themselves madly in love with her. As the performance date of their summer production looms and all are too busy with wooing to put pen to paper, Iris is forced

to embrace her magic, find her stage voice, and fight for the life she longs for. 


Auditions are by appointment on Saturday May 18th from 2:30-4:30

Callbacks TBA

Location: Bellingham Public Library Lecture Room

Auditions will consist of 10 minute time slots for cold readings from the script. No prep needed!

To schedule an audition slot please email with preferred time(s).

If you can't make the audition time, send a recording of yourself performing a 1-2 minute monologue to

Performers of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and abilities are encouraged to audition.

Rehearsal Schedule & Show Dates

Show dates are July 18-20 & 25-27 at 7:30

Rehearsals are tentatively June 3rd- July 11th, tech July 15th-17th. Mon-Wed, 6:30-9pm, Thurs 7:30-9pm


Iris - feminine presenting, early to mid 20s. Illegitimate half human daughter of fairy king, she is terrified of her powerful but chaotic magical abilities. Theatre fanatic and aspiring actress. Gentle and soft spoken, but do not mistake her gentleness for weakness. 


Oberon - masculine presenting, 40s-50s. Fairy king,  torn between upholding tradition and questioning it. Longs to be a good father to Iris, but not quite sure how. Bumbling and intrusive, but well meaning.

 Pandora ("Pan")- Feminine presenting, 40s-50s. Retired rock star and mom to Iris. Free spirit and, "the cool mom". Fiercely protective, fiercely loving. 


Titania - feminine presenting, 40s-50s. Fairy queen, wife to Oberon, mother of Basil. Advocate for ruling with an iron fist, often clashes with Oberon over governing matters. Fiercely resentful of Iris, bitterness and insecurity are at the heart of her being. 


Basil - masculine presenting, late teens to early 20s. Iris's younger brother, entitled and obnoxious.


Peri - fluid gender presentation, mid twenties -30s. They are Oberon's right hand fae. Chaotic to an impressive degree.  


Nicole - feminine presenting, mid 20s. Outgoing and assertive, a powerhouse. Iris's best friend from college, only person outside of family who knows she's half fae. Has followed a traditional path, is in a high earning career and has a hot boyfriend. Unhappy and doesn't know why.  


Whitley - feminine presenting, late twenties to early 30s. President of the Pine Point Theatre Collective,  embodiment of stress. 


Camden - masculine presenting, 30s. Vice president of the Pine Point Theatre Collective, a balancing force to Whitley. 


Tucker - masculine presenting, late twenties -30s. Treasurer of the Pine Point Theatre Collective. Lives with his mom and seven sisters, habitually pawns their belongings for funds. 


Marlowe - feminine leaning androgynous, mid 20s. Resident playwright of the Pine Point Theatre Collective. Overanalytical and sophisticated, is pursing a master's in philosophy and is torn between academia and theatre. 


Jo - masculine leaning androgynous, mid to late 20s. Semi-pro actor, exists to antagonize Whitley.  

Will - masculine presenting, 40s. Had a successful acting career in New York, has returned to the West coast to care for his ailing mother. Incredibly talented and even more down to earth, he acts as a mentor to Iris. 


Bartender - any gender, any age. Sympathetic to the plights of patrons. Especially grad students. (Doubled)


Fairy attendants (doubled) 

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